You all ain’t shit

Seriously you all ain’t shit.

All day long I see some stupid ass motherfuckers trying so hard about everything. Straight up fuck you. Imma break this shit down.


You motherfuckers that wanna make a framework for everything. Oh cool, you just came outta college and need to validate yourself, lets make a fucking framework and add to the millions of bullshit out there. Just learn to fucking code jesus christ you guys are pussies. Ain’t no reason to use a framework when you know how to “vanilla code”.
“Oh but you are using wordpress!” Yeah i fucking am, cause I wanted to learn what the big deal is about, you know what, there is not big deal! Which brings me to my next point.


You know who you are, thos Beaver and Divi “developers” BHAHAHAHAHA you all are dumb as fuck charging money to clients and have no clue how to even program CSS bahahahaa. Seriously you are turning the web dev business into the used car business, I can charge 500 buck for some bullshit you charge 2k for.  You fucking snakes in the grass.  This shit is all day.


These people are taking your money. Grow up.

People in general are retarded, you all are about yourselves and it is sickening. Nobody can make a joke or do anything without some bullshit. My own uncle got mad at me for making a faggot joke cause I guess that is off limits? Is it my privileged? who the fuck cares, worry about yourself.


I dunno why that shit just got fucked up i am drunk but who cares.

I am done for today on this bullshite. 3:45 pm 5/31/2018

Is Facebook cooking up something?

So I was messing around on Facebook and I made a note, then made it private and afterwards I was able to see something all over every post….

Does Facebook have a new feature coming?

Is this a new feature? Does this have a possibility of being abused? Who knows.

There was another screen afterwards that asked if the person was in immediate danger. (I was not able to grab a screenshot of that as Facebook fixed the error quickly).I do not understand how Facebook can involve itself with police activity.  Who knows I am just a dude. But I see this as a potential of being abused more than it is going to help people. There will be widespread false reports and who is to stop someone from triggering a police investigation to your home.

I will never go to Nichols Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ever Again.

I will never go to Nichols Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ever Again.

Had to bring in my Jeep for service  to Nicholas Dodge in Graham North Carolina as I was doing the brakes this weekend and noticed a bad wheel bearing.

Easy Right?

Boy was I fucking wrong. I bought the Jeep from a used car place so I bought a warranty, the last time I brought it in I dealt with Eddie, he was good and worked quick. This fucking time I got some dude named Scott and let me tell you he is fucking worthless. I told him on MONDAY that I have a warranty, I have brought it in before. He calls back Monday night giving me prices, I asked about the warranty, he said he couldn’t find it. I informed him that the paperwork was in the backseat of the passenger seat. His fucking response.
“You’re gonna have tah come git dat I ain’t diggin through yer Jeep”

Ok fine what fucking ever. I go Tuesday morning for the paperwork and drive to Graham, get the paperwork outta the back of my fucking Jeep and give it to him, then drive all the way to PTI airport an hour late for work.

Is this the end?


Call Tuesday around 1 asking for an update, Scott says the warranty sent someone out and awaiting an answer. I leave it be, Wednesday I call around 2pm and Scott says still have not heard anything. Ok whatever, wait till 430 and call again, Scott says again no, so I ask for the warranty number and call my fucking self.
“Not covered.”

That is fucking fine, but they also told me they left a message for Scott at


that is was not covered. So I call back Scott to tell him it is not covered to do the work.


Scott, if you ever find this and read it. You are fucking worthless.


I told them to have the Jeep put back fucking together yesterday I was coming to get it. I left work early, and on the way there Scott said it wouldn’t be back together till today (Friday March 2nd) What a fucking turd.

I forgot that the reason I told them to get it back together without fixing is because I told them there were new bearings in the front seat, they called back hours later saying that those were differential bearings not hub bearings, I worked in parts for 9 fucking years I know the difference stop lying. I told them just to put it back together I was coming to get my fucking jeep.